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Question Asked: Idle problem again worse
September 17, 2009, 10:17 PM
Hi...I know this is a common problem with the idle control valve, the first time the cleaning trick did the job and lasted for around a year and a half but never removed the part to clean very good. So the problem started happening again and this time decided to take the throttle body off to take the complete valve off and clean good(now turns really smooth), since I had the body off I also lightly cleaned it but never soaked it or heavely sprayed it I know there are other sensors in it. Reassemble the whole thing and when started it was worse than least before it would run with low RMPS and fix it self after a while, but now it just wont run unless I keep the pedal down and it dies if I remove it. I thought that this time the valve motor died for good so I took my sisters lexus rx that has the same part but did the same so its not the iddle control valve, thought I damaged the electrical plug removing it but the valve turns when the ignitions is in the on position. Tried her MAF sensor nothing, I am leaning towards the throttle position sensor now ...maybe got damaged when I took the body off ??? Is this what the engine does if the TPS is bad ???. Since my sister wont let me take her TPS to try on mine cuz I have to remove the throttle body I took it to a mechanic after 3 days,he said it was the computer bad LOL...I have a friend that works at a computer repair shop and he cheked it and said is good(I knew that!) he sended me to another mechanic after a couple of days he said that the throttle body is bad!!!! ???? because he tried another body on it and started working fine but he did not tried individual sensors!!! What do you guys think ???
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