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Car Review: 1995 BMW 540i
April 09, 2010, 02:34 PM
The E34 540i is a great car. Very comfortable and fast. Repairs are expensive. I buy all my parts online and have the dealer perform the work. If you can DIY that is to be recommended. The weak areas on this car include the cooling system (perhaps its weakest area), leaking valve cover gaskets, leaking intake gaskets, front suspension, and HVAC system. The cooling system is the big one to watch out for though, these cars don't handle overheating well. The mostly aluminum V8 produces a lot of heat and puts stress on all the plastic components in the engine bay (radiator and hoses, etc.). I would buy and older E34 5-Series over a newer E39 5-Series any day, much less to break and better styling. Always do a pre-purchase inspection on any older out of warranty BMW you may be considering at a BMW center or independent BMW mechanic. I bought my 95 540 in May of 2009 with 85k miles. In April of 2010 it now has 96k miles. it is my daily driver rain, snow or shine. it has been very reliable even with is damn cold. The 4.0L V8 starts right up. I plan to keep this car as a DD for the next 5 years and then has a hobby/weekend car after that.
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