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You don't need 3 thousand to open an engine. that's actually a new engine. try buying a 1,oil additives to eliminate the white smoke first. if that doesn't work, 2.change the spark plugs and wires, air filter, if that doesn't help 3. adjust the valves.

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I have a 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 with 120,000 miles. I had the timing belt, Serpentine belt and Valve cover gasket changed. the engine light came On for "Camshaft sensor". i drove the car home after the mechanic diagnose my car (he said to take it back the next day). drove the car with engine light on, the car drove fine with minimal engine noise better than before. i took the car back the next day and picked the car up after work. Mechanic said all set but he advise to change the timing belt tensioner. I started the car and the engine light came one again. mechanic advise that it might be the timing belt tensioner. I drove the car home again with engine light on and A RATTLING Sound coming from the throttle body when I accelerate or revving the car. the car drove better last night than today. the rattling saound is like the sound of a broken heat shield but coming from the throttle body. is the Timing belt tensioner is the cause of the rattling sound coming from the throttle body and caused the engine light to come on? Thank you

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