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Question Asked: Misfire in Cylinder#6 code p0306 still
July 20, 2014, 04:16 PM
changed out spark plugs, wires, coil pack, fuel injector and now the camshaft position sensor. next will be the cam shaft synchronizer. but before i do so this misfiring problem is driving me nuts. it comes on an off. but seems like its a steady on now. anyways. when this problem first occurred i changed out the basics: spark plugs then wires, then the coil pack. ran the reader again and code still showed up with a stumble/ stumble misfire. shakey to the touch on the steering wheel. proceeded to change out the fuel injector next. cleared the code and drove for 50 miles and the light never came back on even though the computer was reading ready for emissions test. a few weeks later the light came back on. for awhile it was on and off, on and off(not while driving but after turning off ignition park for 5 mins and turn back on)... very intermittent. then now i changed the camshaft position sensor and waiting.... any other ideas what it can be? the truck is a 2008 ford ranger sport with a 3.0l engine. it currently has about 96XXX miles.. very well maintained with oil changes and such. im just at the end of my rope here and running out of funds to figure out this problem. i know ive read on forum boards and some say its the head gasket and some say its the head. all i know im out of a job and funds are running extra low trying to fix my money maker. please help with any information you can. thanks
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