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Question Asked: car running fine shut it off started fine drove 1/4 block and it died
December 12, 2013, 10:45 PM
car was running great 3 days earlier I replaced O2 sensor gas milege got better then this happens got the car to start a couple of times that night but it would die ,if I reved it up to try to keep it running it sounded like a real bad miss and smelled gas bad, did this a couple times thought it might be bad gas so I put a bottle of injector cleaner and some heet in it started 2 more times with the same miss and sputter then tried starting it again and the battery was dead. boosted it off the next day and it started right up ran perfect for 10-15 minutes and did all the same stuff again service engine soon light isn't on but ichecked anyway and no codes show up didn't have the tools to do a lot but checked to see if it was getting fuel and it was pulled a plug and even after sitting 12 hours it smelled like gas when it was removed plug was gapped right and not burnt but was black which came right off up until this the car ran great
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