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Question Asked: putt putt rattle noise on cold start, especially lower gears
February 11, 2010, 07:14 AM
I have had an increasingly louder noise from the front end when I start the car after hours of standing still in or out of garage. The colder it is the louder the sound and it is loudest in low gears, braking, idling. It starts out as a rattle bang sound crossed with a putt putt. It quiets a bit as the engine heats up but doesn't go away . It's embarassingly loud sometimes when it's very cold out and been sitting all day. The really strange thing is that if when the engine registers as at temperature, although it diesn't subside if I keep it running; if I turn it off and back on the noise subsides almost completely. This whole thing started early Fall and has been getting worse over the winter. No engine lights have come on, there is no exhaust smell in car when running, the power doesn't seem effected other than usual when starting and driving very cold. This is driving me insane and is rather frightening since I don't know the cause and haven't been able to afford to bring it in to be seen. A year or so ago there was a heat shield rattle which the dealer abated by removing part of the shield. Any help would be appreciated. Addendum... it is overdue for an oil change but doesn't appear to be burning or leaking oil either.
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