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Question Asked: Car dies and won't go into gear
September 15, 2009, 11:01 AM
I have two issues with my car... 1. Every once in awhile my car would die when I came to a stop but now it is more frequent and my check engine light has come on. I come to a red light , the rpm's drop , I press down on the brake but it seems that I have to have the brake all the way down to keep it from dying and have to press on the gas , if I don't then it dies. 2. On cold days I let my car warm 10-15 min, sometimes longer. I put my car in drive and drive off well- the exit to my driveway has a dip that seems to make my car slip out of gear b/c when I press the gas to go- it won't. It only happens when it's cooler outside and it rarely happens anywhere else than that dip. Maybe the two problems are related?
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