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Question Asked: Why isn't there a recall on the transmission?
July 03, 2014, 07:01 PM
My wife purchased a 2006 TL for herself and we have had several issues. Mind you, she drives like an old lady for her age. First, the power steering hose needed to be replaced (covered under warranty). Second, the front end (passenger side), suspension needed to be replaced. My daughter was driving the Acura and the front end tire (passenger side), bent completely inward. Thank goodness she was driving in the city and was driving less than 35mph as opposed to on the freeway. The night before my entire family was in the car driving on the freeway. Now, the transmission went and the car only has 92,000 miles! I was driving in the city and the car stopped moving! I immediately turned on the hazard lights since it was apparent the brake lights weren't working! The crazy thing is I never had a check engine light come on to warn me that there was a problem with the car! Called Acura to ask them if I was still covered under warranty and their response was no. So I then asked them if they were going to cover the cost of repair because my car only has 92,000 miles on it. Again, they said no. So I asked them if they would take off the labor charges and I would pay for a new transmission and they still said no! I ended up taking my car to a transmission place and the mechanic told me he has seen many Acura's and Honda's with the same problem. My Acura's Torque Converter was shot and burnt so badly as was my transmission! What the hell! I will never purchase another Acura or Honda! I am actually searching for another car for myself and it's going to be a Toyota! There is definitely a defect in these cars. My family and I could have been killed twice if driving on the freeway! Acura has not heard the last of me!
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