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Question Asked: Clunk noise from the left front...
June 02, 2014, 03:37 PM
For about a year or so my girlfriends 01 Grand Caravan AWD has made a clunking from the left front (drivers side) wheel area. It seems to be more when hitting bumps in the road but at times has happened on pretty smooth roads. I worked at a tire shop and when it had a flat and I had the opportunity to get the van up on a lift I tried shaking the wheel and hub and nothing seemed loose. I didnt notice anything that looked worn or blown out but im also not %100 sure what to look for. I had been told it was the ball joint but for some reason I wasnt really too sure thats what it was but then again I wouldn't totally know. Over the past month or two the noise has gone away but I know that doesnt mean the problem is gone, what should I look for to make a diagnosis?
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