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Question Asked: How can you line up an 92 mercury engine with a 95 mercury transmission?
December 20, 2013, 06:45 PM
My mechanic is having problems with the lining pattern for the transmission bolts. I recently got bought a 92 4.6L V8 engine to replace my 95 4.6L V8;however, I was told by different professionals that it doesn't make a difference due to how close the years were that it should fit just fine. My mechanic lately have told me that the only problem he is having is with the 92 engine lining up with the 95 transmission that it is my car. He can get one bolt in on the passenger side at the top but the rest he can't get in.. Can someone please help, because I am in need of m car???? Thank You In advance!!! Merry Christmas and happy new year
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