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Car Review: 1991 Ford Explorer
February 25, 2012, 08:37 PM
91 Ford Explorer- I have a vehicle now that is 20 years old and the mileage is now at 402,000 mi. Purchased in '93 with about 50K miles.I have personally done about 100 oil changes now. I have used Pennz. 20W50 oil and Fram filters for most of its life. I fitted the oil drain hole with a valve to be used with a short hose having screw on fitting that opens as you hand thread on. (No wrench required!!) The filter is easy to do along with the vehicle height= easy access. I have maintained it myself except for transmission rebuilds. (Prob. 3-4) average cost each $1200 only soft parts & torque converter. I figured it costs you about a penny a mile not to manually shift. I have never had the valve covers off however they leak some oil. The paint (forest green) is showing primer just on top surfaces. I've done many spark plug changes using conventional plugs @$1.50 each. Driver side ones are a breeze and passenger side 1 rear plug easier from under near oil filter. I am seeing oil deposits on cylinder #5 plug now with a little decrease in power. I installed a cat-back Flowmaster exhaust/muffler after the factory setup rusted through. Only suspension prob. are inexpensive nylon bushings on the front struts which will wear some. If you put a small cooler in front and route the power steering fluid thru it, it keeps seals and fluid fresh for a long time. (Like the stock oil cooler but smaller) The plug wires and hoses are now 20 years old. Protect them from chafing. Most all engine bolt on devices (pumps,etc.) have been replaced once. Belts, tires and shocks more. I don't think I could have had any thing more reliable except when the battery gave up about every 4 years.
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