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Question Asked: Fuel pump replacement cost seems high
December 18, 2009, 09:06 PM
Car has trouble accelerating on hills and started having jerking motions and unable to accelerate on the interstate. Was able to get close to home at slower speeds (<45mph)and took it to a local shop and they said that CAM Sensor and Mass Airflow code came up on there machine. They later called back to say that the fuel pump and filter needed to be replaced and felt that this would take care of the other problems. Was given an estimated for 875. Please advise...weighing options about cost and age/mileage (130000) of car. Thank you :) Thank you for responding. The check engine light did not come on until after I drove the car for about 10 miles after the problem. The shop said that the fuel pump needed to be replaced because of low pressure.
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