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Car Review: 2005 Chrysler Town & Country
December 20, 2008, 12:32 PM
2015 Update: Still have the van. 170,000 miles. Eats tires and brakes. One valve spring, heater control, some of the dash lights, and radiator broke at about 150. Replaced BCM and catalytic converter at about 125. Burns/uses oil like most Chryslers. Rusted through in front of the rear tires on both sides in the exact same location. Now during fill-up the gas pump keeps clicking off, recommendation was to replace tank ($1000). Kia here we come. Original: Stow and go is great. Big seats are comfortable. Entertainment system continues to work as promised. Only has 68000, electric doors broke, rack and pinion broke, water pump replaced (under warranty), engine growls, front end makes a 'click' when the steering wheel is turned, brakes are way undersized (means you have to replace them often), dealer charges $150 to 'reprogram' the transmission. Looks good but the hard engineering was over looked when they designed this van.
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