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Question Asked: Car doesn't start but MMI, lights, seat memory etc works fine
October 19, 2009, 08:19 PM
Have a problem starting my Audi A6. I'm putting a key to the ignition but nothing is happening, no engine check, no usual activity. Otherwise, everything works fine, MMI system, lights, seats memory etc. Please any advice? Update: I've tried different keys, even the plastic one. Got nothing. Have to tow the car to the dealer. Another problem - couldn't release gear shift to a neutral and steering wheel was locked too - had to drag it on flat bed truck with all wheals blocked. Than 6 men from Audi dealer service tried to get it out from the truck. Finally trick the gear shifter to neutral, but car won't roll. Had to use some silicon lubricant and push it to slide from the truck flat bed. Waiting for dealer specialist reply. Updated: Steering column replacing required. Audi Dealer couldn't find it in states, so order one from Germany. Waiting for replacement.
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