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Car Review: 2003 BMW 325i
April 08, 2009, 10:05 AM
As with the 2002 models there are many expensive and disappointing problems. I love drive this car but find the clutch jerky and although I had it replace before it was time, it is still clunky. The problems with the window lift controllers is very annoying, obvious defective designs should be resolved by the manufacturer under a recall. The dealer told me that the sunroof falls of its track and there is a retrofit kit for $1500, i have never used the sunroof and find that outragous (BTW he also said that before the kit was available the repair cost was $2500). The last trip to the dealer for the 50K service netted me an estimate of over $5000 for repairs to defective parts. I get 31 mpg on the road and 25 around town which i like but the gas savings don't come even close to the cost of repairs.
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