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Question Asked: Brake warning alarm
January 08, 2011, 09:55 AM
I have a Buick Rendevouz, the brake light and chime comes on after driving for a while, shut the car off and it clears. Start driving again and later it comes back on. Brake fluid level is good, parking brake is released, parking brake switch tested ok. While car running, removed wire from brake fluid level and jumped connection, brake alarm and chime as well as low fluid symbol comes on and goes away once wire jumper removed. Need a wiring schematic to see what else can cause this alarm to activate. When it activates the low level symbol does not appear as it did when I jumped the low level sensor connection. Does anyone know where to get a wiring schematic? ABS and Traction control has been off and on but mostly on now. The brake alarm started months after these. I removed the drivers door panel and disconnected the speaker. The chime is pulsed through the speaker.
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