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Question Asked: What could possibly be wrong with my cobalt ss!
September 27, 2013, 12:35 PM
I have a 2006 Chevy cobalt SS coupe. I bought the car used almost 2 years ago. My problems started about 7 months ago when I was driving and all of a sudden check charging system notification came on, everything electrical inside went crazy flashing and clicking, and then my car died. I replaced the alternator, then not even a month later it goes crazy again while I was driving! Only this time it did NOT die on me, just everything electrical went psycho!! Also, I was only able to go between 20-30mph or my engine would roar like it shift into gear (I have an automatic transmission) . the check engine lights has came on and off as it pleases since a month after I bought it with NO extended warranty (like a dumba**) Anyways I got the POS home and let it just sit in my drive way for a few days cus I don't have the extra to pay someone to tell its something that it really isnt, since that seems to be pretty common for cobalts! I went a drove around for about 30 min to see how it acted. It did perfectly fine until I pulled down my street.. Now if I don't go out and start it at least once a day the battery dies and takes forever to get it to start. All it does is click and sometimes everything will flash, the check engine light stays on and the security light also. Any suggestions on what would be the cause of this!?
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