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Question Answered: Car is hesitating in 1st & 2nd gear, engine revs but does not gain speed
July 21, 2014, 10:43 PM
This sounds almost identical to what just happened to my 2006 Cobalt a few days ago. I drove to work and everything was fine. I got off work, and I got a minute down the road when my car decided it wasn't going to shift and it was barely willing to go 15mph. It was reving really bad and my rpms were sky rocketing. It did eventually shift but it took quite some time. I had to drive with my flashers on. Then every time I would have to come to a stop, the whole process would start over. It was pretty painful getting it home. I took it to the shop today and it turns out my transmission is dead. I would take your car in and have it checked.
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