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Car Review: 2002 Chrysler Town & Country
December 07, 2012, 05:46 PM
163,000 miles and still going strong. Interior ok, but like most the interier overhead material has been removed due to it dropping. Drive train, normal maintenance Electrical, NOTE THIS GUYS If your speedometer does not work, just dies, then ZERO your tripometer, below the speedometer, then press it again for about 25 secondss, release it when all your electrical system starts flashing and going nuts. The computer is resetting everything and you speedometer shall start working again. Engine NO TUNE UP OR INJECTOR WORK YET. Course I use a special fuel additive. She still gets 32mpg too. A/C finially spring a leak near the engine but hey 163,000! Suspension and stearing. Currently having a problem with a rattle due to wear and tear I'm sure, but can't find the rattle. It is on the other side of the firewall, and apparent when driving over bumps, but really becomes loud when I press the brake peddal lightly. Note: brakes have been inspected. FUEL PUMP FROBLEM. GUYS DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT RUN YOUR CAR INTO THE RED ON YOUR GAS GAGE. THESE FUEL PUMPS ARE GASOLINE COOLED, YOU RUN IT DOWN TO EMPTY, GUESS WHAT? YUP YOUR FUEL PUMP GETS H O T!!! I USED TO GET 600 MILES PER TANK, DARN IT IF I DID NOT REPLACE TWO PUMPS BEFORE A GOOD MECHANIC ASKED ME IF I LIKED GOING DOWN TO EMPTY. THAT ENDED THAT HABIT. HOPE THIS HELPED SOMEONE.
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