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Question Asked: only bank one is actually running rich. All 3 plugs are black on bank 1 ,PO172
June 13, 2013, 08:57 PM
Rich mixture bank 1 , code PO 172 is present .Bank 1 has black dry plugs (1 MONTH OLD) . Bank 2 runs good with good clean plugs . Wouldn't mass air flow sensor ,fuel pressure ,or map sensor affect both sides ? there's a slight miss at cold idle when in drive. It sometimes goes completely away as you warm it up n drive it at hwy speed. It runs great at 70 mph. There are also times it bucks and kicks hard on acceleration . When its running good it even idles great. It has dual cats one directly off of each exhaust manifold. What does that leave other than bank 1 oxygen sensors or bank one exhaust ?
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