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Question Asked: Reporting on what happened to my car yesterday. No lights came on at all.
August 14, 2013, 07:22 AM
Yesterday I got in it and it started up like it always does, went to work. Got in it at 5:00 and tried to turn the key and it sounded like it wanted to turn over, but wouldn't. Called AAA had it towed to my mechanic who was closed by that time. This morning I stopped by my mechanic and told him what happened. He just now called me & said it's the tumbler-anti-theft ignition switch. The entire assembly must be replaced. I can still use my keys however. $272 for parts & $200 labor. Approx. 3 hour job @ $65/hr. labor. I never had any type of warning at all, no lights came on...nothing. Not happy at all ~
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