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Question Asked: catalyst converter was fried and had a hole in it?
February 28, 2009, 11:06 AM
car has 118,000 miles. My cousin who is a mechanic recently replaced mass air flow meter about 5-10,000 miles ago. Now a code came up I believe it was p0420 low threshold for cat. To get to the point he replaced the cat and the old one had a hole in it. Were not sure if it is being caused because we replaced the mass air flow with a used part from the junk yard, or if it has to do with the fuel pressure. Were also thinking the bad cat may have shot debris into the last cat in back of car. Has anyone experienced this or can anyone shed some light on the situation. Please help. Ps. With Nissan I need to get an adapter in order to test fuel pressure what the F! Please help
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