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Question Asked: my car doesn't start
January 24, 2011, 09:54 AM
My car has been having issues starting up. I had recently bought a new battery and a new cable terminal since the battery was about 2 years old and the terminal was cracked therefore, giving me trouble starting, or so I thought. I had went to pepboys because I had a flat tire and once they were done my car did not want to turn on. They checked the battery and they told me the battery is drained and something must be draining the battery since its brand new. They gave me a jump start and I went on my way home. In about a mile away the car started stalling and it finally shut off. I bought a new battery the day after and the car was running fine until a couple days from today the battery made the car shut off again. Is this a possible alternator issue? or can it be something else because both my timing belt and my alternator belt are extremely cracked and I dont hear the squeaky noise anymore.
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