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Question Asked: What do I do if my car has oil leaking into the cylinders?
December 09, 2012, 04:11 AM
My car started making a weird pinging noise, and I could feel the tempo of the pinging on my foot. My friends and I pulled over a few seconds after heard it. My friends look at my engine and pulled on a plug and it was attached to this grey piece of plastic and there were 4 of them. The piece of plastic was covered in oil. He pulled out each one at a time and the other three were bone dry. Then, he looked inside the opening the plug was in, and he said that something was causing the oil to not go to the engine. Then we checked the oil, and it was bone dry. So we go to buy oil, put it in and I drove about 10 miles and the car dies. Before it dies, the car would shake while it idled. I just got an oil change from Jiff Lube about a week before this happened. Is there any way this could be their fault? What should I do? Do I take it to the same Jiffy Lube so they can repair it, or should I not waist my time because it is an old car?
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