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Question Asked: small vinyl panel on inside of front and rear doors pealed off due to heat.
August 02, 2013, 09:12 PM
where can you get replacement vinyl to cover the panels? what kind of adhesive best secures the vinyl to the underside piece? what about securing the sub panel to the door - what kind of adhesive. I cannot rework their vinyl - I tried; it wont stretch big enough to cover. Then there is the problem of reattaching the sub pannel to the door itself. I have not found a adhesive tape or mounting clips that will hold in the heat of the southwest (utah-nevada summers). Ford tells me they don't fix it, and cannot recommend anyone who will. what is the best fix. This car is in mint condition except for these panels, and I plan on keeping it for some time. What about thin leather to cover the panels? Still the problem of how you hold the sub plate to the door. The adhesives I have tried will not hold in the heat. HELP! ANY IDEAS?
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