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Car Review: 1998 Mercury Mountaineer
September 13, 2010, 09:48 AM
Great reliability. Have had car since new. Am now only starting to have a few problems. Have a small rear main seal oil leak (will be a $700 repair). and have an AC freon leak ($ 500 to $1000 repair range). However, I have had car for 12 + years (180000 mles) and have only had one radiator replacement $500, one minor tranny repair ($450) Two minor items I did not fix - radio lite only works intermittantly and lever for drivers seat back has broken off - both are common problems and I have chosen not to get them repaired.LOVE THIS TRUCK - all wheel d(rive is great in snow country, car runs GREAT and burns no oil. Hope to drive it to 250000 miles. I was able todoa temporary fix AC leak with an additive and the oil leak is just a drip each day in my garage.
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