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Have Re paired and re engined older motor vessels and cars trucks of mine older and newer ones designed to be dificult if not imposible to diagnose and or repair Problem with my ford taurus 2007 3 liter was great car till 87,000 bought at 30,000.oo miles fixed three vacume problems and runs ok short time and again and when look up onling others simular have chased itg to the tune of 3,000.oo edollars and not solved it puzzeled?
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Question Asked: to man problemsafter 87,000.00 miles solved first then after bit runs bad again?
July 29, 2013, 08:05 PM
Solve one same sympton accors vfix it then runs worse again! heard some say have chased same problem spending up to $3,000.00 or moreand still problem not solved!
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