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Car Review: 1993 Toyota Pickup
July 21, 2010, 04:27 PM
I love this truck... It took 14 years with no service before my tranny failed... my own fault of course, but damn,(that is awesome) with help from my buddie.. took it out, had it rebuilt, saved $800.00, reinstalled it and paid $1450. for it.... Then drove it 1,200 miles with no oil in the transfer case... before I heard a whirring noise.. .added oil there... and still goin strong! It has its 3rd tranny now... cause Aamco screwed me over with an inferior tranny... and didnt tell me the drive shaft was bad, till I noticed it, and charged me and extra $360, on top of the $2,390.00 for the tranny rebuild. Love Leons Transmissions!
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