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Question Asked: Radiator problem or sensor problem?
November 05, 2009, 02:37 PM
My temperature gauge starts in the middle (instead of cool) when I start it up. Sometimes while driving down the road - not idling - the gauge goes up towards hot & will go back down some (while still rolling down the road). It has never had a radiator flush that I know of. The check engine light is on. My fuel gauge & temperature gauges don't work correctly (which I guess is caused by faulty sensors). I would like to try everything I can at home before taking it to a mechanic - I don't have a credit card & will need to save up money for repairs. I would like to know if anyoen else has had this problelm & knows what to do about it. This weekend, I'm plannign on trying to flush the radiator, but don't know what else to try. Thanks.
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