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Question Asked: problem shifting gears... possibly a clutch issue?
March 25, 2011, 02:57 PM
Three days ago (Tuesday) while driving home from work on normal streets (not highway speed), I was turning right, after slowing down to reach that corner, and upon acceleration out of the turn I started to notice my car shake, and the pick-up of the acceleration was not as strong as I could normally expect. I knew instantly that there might be something wrong, but hoped otherwise. From a full stop to first gear two lights down the road, I noticed again that the acceleration was slower and weaker than normal, and again the car was engaged in a subtle yet noticeable jerking motion. I tried to shift up to second gear to gain speed and momentum (as I normally would), but still there was less acceleration and power than normal. Of course, over the years, especially in the more recent years since moving to the extreme weather (heat, dryness, cold, etc.) of Las Vegas from a milder California, I have noticed my car start to gradually lose it's power and capabilities. But this time was different; not just the normal age or wear-and-tear that can be expected on a daily basis. So, I am guessing that this may be a clutch issue? If so, what type of problem would you say I am facing, and what can I expect in the future (as fas as costs, repair, trouble-shooting options, suggestions, etc.)? Note that I experienced the same symptoms the following the morning with 1/4 left to go on the way to work, then about 1/2 left on the way back home. I didn't drive my car on Thursday. Then today (Friday) it seemed okay going to work in the morning, but after leaving work five hours later it started happening again. Please advise. (I have a 1995 Saturn SC2; clutch has never been replaced.)
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