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Richmond, VA

I am a die hard Honda fan, not a technician but I know a ton about Honda's. I am a 4th year undergrad in college hoping to find a job as an automotive enthusiast or working for the transportation portion of the EPA.

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Alternator could be dead. If you have the V6 model, those engines came with an alternator made by Delphi and they were alternators that GM used in cars. They are known to fail at 50k and when they fail the bearing pretty much seizes up so the alternator won't be turned by the belt anymore. If its not the alternator, you got a parasitic load on the battery somewhere, check fuses or lights to make sure you didn't leave something on! Good luck!

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Depends, my V6 sedan developed a nasty oil leak from the rear main seal and it was about 1200 at the dealer to fix since it involves taking the engine out. I got it done at an engine specialty shop for 850 which was a great deal. The rear main seal is the most important seal in the engine and when it goes it leaks like crazy. Mine leaked a half a quart in 2 weeks which forced me to fix it immediately. There are other seals so hope that it is not this one! Good luck!

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