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Car Review: 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe
November 14, 2009, 08:52 PM
The only issue I've ever had was a brake light fuse. Other than that, this car is stellar, and I believe the best in it's segment. Fit and finish is superb, the V6 is capable, ergonomics are great, and all this.....wait for it....."for a Hyundai!" :) Let me make absolutely clear, this is not the Hyundai of the 'Excel' days. This is the new Hyundai, who have improved their product by leaps and bounds, faster than anyone could have thought possible. What else is good? The stereo. The minimal levels of road noise. The fabric quality of the seats. The strength of the A/C (it has no problem with Texas heat.) The glasshouse like visibility. The engine note is even pleasant, and the chassis rigid. The weighted firmness to the power steering. The doors even shut securely like my gone but missed mid 90s E-Class MB. One minor fault is that the seats, when pumped to full with the 'lumbar adjustment' feels like it has a balloon in the middle, and is pressed upon your back. Anyway, this is my girlfriends car, and it makes my current Acura RSX a tinny, harsh, and high strung place to be.
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