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Question Asked: truck will not stay running.
April 30, 2012, 10:31 AM
My truck would not start up for me it acted like it wanted to but it would not fire so we replaced the starter. it still didnt fire so we replaced to fuel pump and distributer. we got it to start up but it wont stay running so we replaced the plug wires and timing belt and a sensor. it is still not running right you have to two foot it to drive it we have racked our brains and spent a lot of money on this truck because we love dodge so much lets face it dodge just rocks. but im about to loose my job and i have 5 kids and were very low income please please if you have any anwsers for me i would greatly appresheate it even any guess to what it cold be would be great. thank you for your time. sincerely, whats up with my truck.
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