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Question Asked: engine surge at idle when the heater control is in the defrost position
March 25, 2009, 06:44 AM
When at idle, and the heater -a/c control is in the defrost position, the engine speed will increase from 500 to 700 rpm, then back to 500. If I move the heater - a/c control to the floor or off position, it will return to a smooth idle at 500 rpm. Is this a vacuum hose problem? If so, which hose is the cause?
Question Asked: how much does it cost to replace a pitman arm on a 94 caprice classic
March 23, 2009, 09:10 AM
I've been experiencing a vibration in the front end sometimes when braking. I've been told that I need a new pitman arm. The vibration is being caused by the front tires starting to wear uneven. They gave me a quote of $443.00. They also that my rear drums are starting to leak and it would cost $430.00 for that. I told them to rotate the tires for now. This car has over 180,000 miles on it. I'm thinking about looking around for another car and sell this one as is. I hate let it go but it's starting to add up. What do you think of the Chevy Monte Carlo?
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