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Question Asked: Why do my AC and Heater both blow air that feels the same as the air outside?
July 22, 2013, 01:52 PM
Started some time in the winter. The heater started blowing air that felt like the air outside. Fortunately the winter was coming to an end and it wasn't a pressing matter, but as the weather warmed up and I began to use the AC, I got the same air I was getting with the heater. Some notes about operation, and what I've checked thus far: -Engine runs at normal operating temperature. Comes up to temperature quickly and NEVER overheats (thus ruling out thermostat). -Both hoses going from the Heater Core through the firewall heat up normally. -Compressor engages correctly when AC is on max. -Both high and low pressure readings were normal; refrigerant and anti-freeze are both clean and full. -Recently performed radiator flush & fill. -Used the UV crap to locate leaks. Found none. -Air blows normally from all ducts, and responds to adjustments in fan speed. -This particular Taurus has the automated/push-button temperature control, not the dials. My last 3 oil changes and tire rotations were performed at 3 different garages (on purpose). I had all 3 run diagnostics, and none pulled any codes. Each suggested completely different solutions, but none were different than the ones I, or someone else had already ruled out. I am getting exceedingly frustrated. I have to drive long distances on occasion, sometimes with my two very young children, and I hate trying to improvise climate control. I also have no interest in letting some mechanic tear apart my dash for 6 hours, charge me $800, and then potentially not fix the problem or find it could have been much simpler. I have yet to find anyone who can explain why both the heater and AC blow the same air, despite them being independent units. Can anyone help?!?! Thank you!
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