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I offer advice because I like to help. It's costly to have a repair facility look at your vehicle but sometimes due to a persons knowledge to repair a vehicle it may be best to do so.
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Question Asked: Engine runs rough.
January 12, 2013, 02:07 PM
Today I went over a friends house to check out her car. When I tried to start the car it only continued to crank but no start. Sounds like a normal crank. I checked and verified there is good spark. Fuel pump is running. This leads to my first question. Is there and where is the test port to check fuel pressure? I didn't see anything under hood. I finally got the car started after cranking it four times for about 30 seconds each time. It ran rough and died out. It did this two times then I gave it gas to keep it running. When you press the gas above 3,000 RPM the engine runs smoothly and when you stop pressing the gas it runs rough for about 7 seconds then dies out. Checked for codes with aftermarket scanner and had P0301 Cylinder 1 Misfire stored. Removed intake to access #1 cyl. then swaped coil from #1 cyl. to #6 cyl. and spark plug from #1 cyl. to #5 cyl. Put everything back together and erased codes. Vehicle started and ran rough. Scanned for codes and retrieved a P0306 Cylinder 6 Misfire. Simple enough I need a coil so I thought. Replaced coil in cyl. #6 which was originally in cyl. #1. Ran vehicle and it still runs rough as it did when I first got it started. Scanned for codes again: P0302, P0304, and P0301. Cylinder #1, #2, and #4 misfire. I disconnected cyl. #2 coil wiring and engine idle did not change. I disconnected cyl. #6 coil and engine ran rougher. There is a large hose that goes from the upper intake on right bank side to the lower intake at the rear of engine. Where it attaches to the upper intake it is a rubber elbow which collapses when the engine is running in open loop and closed loop. Checked the hose for blockage and found nothing. Reattached hose at lower intake and sucked on hose (yumm) and noticed no restriction. I was able to get it to not collapse by putting pliers around it and ran engine. Still runs rough but did not collapse. I think it collapses because the rubber is weak. I looked over repair pal's advice colomn and saw a couple places where people mention intake gaskets failing. I sparyed brake cleaner around intake and noticed no change in engine RPM then sparayed carb cleaner around intake and still notice no change in engine RPM. Do you think it's the intake gaskets? Any help would be appreciated and Thank You.
Question Answered: How can you fix one of your oil rings in the engine?
January 16, 2012, 03:39 PM
You don't need a compressor but it does make things easier. You will need to remove the oil pan, cylinder head, timing belt, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and the power steering pump moved to the side. Be sure to line up the timing marks before removind timing belt. If you have a broken oil ring it is likely that it scored the cylinder wall and there will need to be further repairs needed. If it is stuck and allowing oil by it you will only need to replace the oil ring. If you have gone this far you may want to replace all rings and check the rod bearing clearences to be sure they are within tolerance.
Question Answered: What is a decent value for a 1994 Buick Regal with not transmission?
January 16, 2012, 03:20 PM
Due to the work that needs to be done to the brake lines and the replacment of the trans the vehicle may only bring you about $300.00 and thats only if the enginge runs and makes no noise. Most people would buy the car for the engine and not for the car itself and thats why you may not get what you are expecting. Good Luck
Question Answered: electrical problem with my van
January 16, 2012, 03:10 PM
It would be useful if you could describe what the vehicle is doing that makes you beleive it is an electrical problem. What are the gauges doing? Does the vehicle start and run? Any info will help someone guide you towards a conclusion.
Question Answered: 04 GMC Envoy has been lowering in the rear and not going back up anymore?
January 16, 2012, 12:49 PM
Sounds like the pump may not be coming on which could be caused by a bad fuse, faulty pump, or faulty wiring. If you can hear the pump running there may be a leak/hole in the piping or in the air bag itself.
Question Answered: my 4wd want go into 4wd when i try to put it into high the light keeps flashing
January 16, 2012, 12:28 PM
The usual problem with the 4x4 in these vehicles is the push button switch being faulty or a faulty transfer case actuator. It is best to have this diagnosed first as there may be a problem with the wiring. If you don't mind throwing parts at your vehicle I would replace the push button switch assembly first.
Question Answered: What and where is the R & R Fuel Tank Pressure sensor located? Is this near tank
January 16, 2012, 12:17 PM
The fuel tank pressure sensor is located on top of the gas tank. You will need to remove the gas tank to replace the sensor. If you have never replace a gas tank before be sure use cation. There are fuel lines, hoses, and wires that need to be removed otherwise damage could occur to the parts not to mention you will be working with a flamable liquid.
Question Answered: where is the computer located in dodge grand caravan 1995?
January 16, 2012, 12:11 PM
To answer your question it is located to between the battery and fender. To remove it: 1.Remove the air cleaner duct from the PCM. 2.Remove the battery. 3.Remove 2 module mounting screws. Remove the 14 and 60-way wiring connectors from the module and remove the module. Unless you have knowledge of vehicles don't assum its the computer you may be wasting your time and money. I't sounds as if you may have a problem with an emissions component such as catalytic converter. Again don't go and put one on the car without having it looked at first.
Question Answered: trans. shift cable comes unhooked @ trans. shift arm. Is there a clip missing or
January 16, 2012, 11:58 AM
At the trans the cable goes through a round hole where two plastic retainers spread out to retain it in the round hole. There is a "U" shaped metal clip that inserts behind these plastic retainers to hold them out so that cable cannot come out of the hole and bounce around. Check to be sure the cable is inserted through the hole correctly and the clip is not missing. If the clip is missing and the plastic retainers have failed the cable may be allowing the end of the cable to come off the shift lever ball stud as you had mentioned. If everything is ok there, the shift cable ball stud retainer may be worn or the ball stud at shift linkage could also be worn. Usually a screwdriver or pry bar is needed to take the cable off the linkage. With this known try pulling the cable off by hand to verify is there is a lot of tension holding the cable to the stud.
Question Answered: How many labor hours to R&R Engine V-8?
January 16, 2012, 11:34 AM
If you are planning on replacing the engine with another engine that includes the cylinder block, piston assemblies, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder heads, timing chain and gears the Chilton Labor Time Guide says 10.7 Hours. This includes time to transfer parts such as exhaust manifolds, alt., starter, and all other necessary components.
Question Answered: Why my truck needs jump started occasionally, batt, alt, starter all test good.
January 14, 2012, 10:44 PM
If the starter solenoid clicks when trying to start the vehicle something on the retained accesory power circuit could not be going to sleep so to speak. If the solenoid on the starter does not click you may just have a bad connection on the battery or bad stater/solenoid connection. Hope this helps.
Problem Reported: Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid Failure May Cause Erratic Shifting
September 15, 2010, 10:08 PM

The transmission pressure control solenoid may fail causing erratic shifting. Our technicians tell us that partial dis-assembly of the transmission is necessary to replace a failed pressure control solenoid.

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