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Car Review: 1991 Mercury Cougar
October 19, 2012, 11:13 AM
My dad was the second owner. I bought it from him at about 85,000 miles. The doors are long and heavy and after many years, they will sag. I have shimmed mine up and everything is fine. Brakes are good, but mine only has drums on back. It has the 3.8L and I replaced the head gasket twice by 150,000. Ford's 3.8L had a head gasket problem no matter what they were in. I finally replaced it with a 98 Mustang 3.8L. After 97 they had redesigned the decks and they don't have the problems anymore. It is bulletproof. It has over 250,000 with the original transmission and 7.5 rearend. Put an oil cooler on any Ford with an AOD. It used to slip out of overdrive when it got hot or when I drove it hard (all the time). Not a problem anymore with an oil cooler. It still has the original exhaust pipes. I put new catalytics on it several years ago. AC was originally R-12. Works fine with R-134a. Just flush it, evacuate and fill it. Heater cores are problems and very difficult to change. It is buried under the dash. I have been putting off doing it again. Get one from Ford or somewhere really good. Not going cheap this time. The suspension and steering is a lot of what set the T-birds and Cougars apart from every other American car in their day. Front and rear independent suspension with unequal length control arms (or short-long as they call it these days). It is the reason I love these cars.
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