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Question Asked: 01 alero engine issues
March 01, 2014, 01:18 PM
I have an 01 alero 2.4l 4 cylinder that started acting up - while driving it seemed like it had a hesitation now and then but never stalled. Seen I just replaced plugs and boots a few months prior and changed the fuel filter. And that's when the issue began - after doing this I started the car and immediately it started to idle very rough and discharging light black smoke. I changed the plug, boots, map sensor,the fuel pump, and since the exhaust will need replaced anyway soon - I popped out the cat converter but nothing has changed in how its running. Also while checking things to see if intake manifold gasket has bad I find excess oil in the air hose/box - between filter and throttle body and that's where I stopped. Can anyone help me figure out the issue with this is and why there oil in this area.
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