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Question Answered: Key won't turn in the ignition
November 10, 2009, 08:38 PM
I had this happen in my 1994 Corolla. You can try turning the steering wheel and the key at the same time and see if that works. In my car the key got stuck in the ignition and wouldn't budge. I had to drill out the ignition cylinder (very messy) in order to remove and replace it. Even if you get your ignition to work. I would suggest replacing the ignition cylinder. This is actually pretty easy as long as it is still functioning. If you remove the appropriate panels, you'll see a small button on the bottom of the ignition cylinder. Insert your key and then push the button, and then pull the ignition cylinder out with your key. To install a new all you have to do is slide it in where the old one was. The repair manual should go over all of this.
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