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Question Asked: 4x4 diagnostics without orange wire in pin 13
June 29, 2014, 03:51 PM
This is a good one. I have been a ASE tech for 25 years and this one has got me. I am diagnosing the 4x4 system on a 1999 blazer ls with a auto 4x4 system. The diagnosis would be straight forward if there was a wire in pin 13 at the ALDL connector. pulled the connector and no pin, no orange wire in the loom. symptoms are...service 4x4 system light on, all lights flash once with ignition on then 2wd light on. no 4x4 operation. replaced dash switch assy. Performed code reset procedure. have not replaced TCCM due to lack of diagnostic codes(have no orange wire to ground to retrieve them). Any Ideas? Thanks
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