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Question Asked: Engine cease
March 15, 2010, 03:49 AM
Hi. I own Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Santro/Atos. A few days back i met with a small accident. I was on a speed was 100 kmph in my Santro and i smashed a dog. When i woke up in the morning i went for to my office. While i was on the way my car stalled all of a sudden. I checked the temperature meter, that was normal. I did wait for some time and my car started successfully. After some time again the same happened and my car started after some time. I called a local mechanic and we took the car to Hyundai workshop. They said Radiator has burst and there is no coolant inside. Condenser is also damaged. they have changed the radiator and condenser and my car is running fine. Now what i am really worried about is my car seized thrice and started again while going to office. Will this car seize affect my car in long run. However, my car runs fine and has great pickup. Sometimes i hear pinging sound from my car and workshop people are not able to fix it. According to me it is happening because of the engine seize thrice. Please help me regarding this. Thanks
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