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Question Asked: Should higher grade gas foul my system?
May 14, 2009, 10:03 PM
I switched up recently and topped off my SC2 with mid grade gas...and since then all heck has broken loose :( This is more of a project car, but has always been a decent running car. But after topping off the tank with about 5 gallons of mid grade gas versus the usual "cheap" gas, the next time I drove the car it started sputtering, hesitating, and would cut out once I put a load on the engine (it's a 5 speed). I replaced the PCV valve, new plugs, new air filter, thinking I had fixed it. WRONG!! It would start, idle for 10 minutes or so, then run very rough and eventually cut off entirely. So I'm thinking once the engine warms up is when the problem occurs. I'd let it set for about 10 minutes, crank it up again, same result. Almost like the old carb cars when they would flood out. I'm thinking it is something emission related, or a clogged fuel filter (the car now won't crank at all, turns over but never fires, making me think it's a fuel delivery problem). Any ideas PLEASE??
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