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Question Asked: what is causing a mysterious electrical problem?
February 15, 2012, 06:45 PM
With headlights off, eurovan temp gauge gets a false overtemp. turn headlights on, while rotating dimmer wheel down then up, tachometer operation is directly affected. (dimmer wheel down,tach. works, dimmer wheel up,tach. does not works). Also dimmer wheel down,get a false overtemp with red blinking overtemp light,dimmer wheel up,temp. gauge creeps back to normal range but tach. drops to zero. correlation of tach. movement is directly affected by dimmer wheel movement. also, when headlights are on, there is dash area illumination except for all instrument cluster gauges. I have so far replaced temp sensor, inoperative horns, contact cleaned all fuse/relay plugs. Help please.
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