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Question Answered: How to remove the Manual Transmission?
April 12, 2013, 02:46 PM
A few quick tips: Removing the flywheel won't help. Removing the flange requires fabrication/purchase of a tool to compress the spring behind the flange. Rotating to TDC is of NO HELP on Mk2/A2 cars and later...there is no cutout in "newer" 210mm flywheels. Easy way? Completely remove driver's side axle shaft. Buy a replacement axle nut and set aside. Support engine with jack and flat piece of wood. Remove front and driver's side engine/trans mount screws. Load up the engine support jack without lifting the engine. Cut a 2x4 the width of the engine bay so it sits in the flat areas between the fenders. Wrap a good ratchet strap around the 2x4 and hook the other side to the lift hole in the center of the transaxle. Make sure the ratchet strap is snug. As was suggested, you'll have to rotate the transaxle to clear the bottom of the engine block and flywheel. Lift up on the back, rotate the differential housing toward the top of the engine, hold, and simultaneously move the front of the trans out and away from the flywheel. Takes a bit of getting used to, but having that support will really help. Since you've got the transaxle out, replace the rear main seal on the engine, the input shaft large and small seals, and the pushrod brass bushing. If you want that transaxle to last, have a good transmission shop install a bolt kit. Good luck and have fun!
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