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Question Asked: why is my car in neutral all the time ?!!! need help PLZ!!!
November 18, 2013, 08:31 PM
ihave a 2007 aspen 5.7 my truck has the awd so i took off the front axle so that only the rear wheels would only work(save gas)ithought, while it was in 2wheel drive i had to leave it in awdlock otherwise it wouldnt move at all now i put it back on and as i backed it up 15 feet max i realized it was still in awdlock and right there and the in turn the knob to awd as it was in reverse and it made a weird cranking noice and it just stayed in neutral .. i put it in park but it was as it was still in neutral, itried to turn the knob but it kept making noise when i placed it in park it make a horrible noise...is it the transfer case the transmission ?
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