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Question Asked: Car Not Starting
March 10, 2010, 08:29 AM
I own a 1998 Honda Civic, Manual Transmission. I got the car about two months ago and it has recently (over the last week) been failing to start. The engine will turn over, runs for 5 seconds and then quit. Fluid levels are fine, the battery tests well, the belts that I can see look fine, and filters look clean (I’m pretty sure they were replaced when I got the vehicle). The oil looks good to me (clean no dirt/sediment on the stick, can’t feel anything on my fingers), but I am unsure whether the old oil was drained properly (ditto gas) as the car was parked for two years (give or take a few months) before I received it, could it be old oil/gas clogging up the system somewhere? When I received the car I noticed that it rev’s slightly high (although the problem decreases at higher speeds ie. highway/freeway driving), and occasionally I’ll catch a whiff of something burning through the heating system. The car was parked for 2+/- years before I received it so I had attributed the smell to age, but it could be related to the problem. The car has started and driven twice between the two times it has failed to start. With the hood up there was a wheezing sound that lasted 2-3 minutes before the engine began to sound like its usual high revving self . . I’d really appreciate any help or suggestions! Thanks!
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