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Car Review: 1992 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)
February 28, 2012, 02:44 PM
I was driving my 1978 GMC 3/4 ton van from Connecticut to Maryland for the Thanksgiving weekend, 1985. 10PM at night,65MPH, extremely light traffic. In those days, the CT. turnpike had a toll plate about every 20 miles or so, 35 cents just to break up the monotony. There was a light rain falling so I was using "intermittents" to sweep the glass. Temp was right at freezing but I wasn't scared, I was in my van. Coming to the New Britain toll plate I let off the gas and did a brake check. the road noise went silent and I started to slide, straight ahead, 65MPH.ICE, so I let off the brakes, the road noise from the tires was back! The wheels started turning, I steered a correction and touched the brakes again. Yeah, Start to slow down then the road goes silent again and I start to slide again. Dang, the toll booths are coming up fast and I'm still doin 50! These gates at the toll plate are protected by 6 foot high concrete wedge, you know, shaped like the bow of a boat so if anything hits it the toll collector wont be hurt. I try the brakes again and get her slowed to about 35 MPH when I lose traction for the last time. I say the last time because I am gonna hit this abutment, or not. So I let off the brakes and aim for the slot. I can still see the lady's face as I crashed her gate doin about 30 MPH. The little wooden toll arm that hangs down until you pay was turned into a million little toothpicks. Poor thing rode up the glass about halfway and exploded. Holy cow! After i get through the gate I slam on the brakes and come to a complete stop.Go figure, They salt the exit side and not the approach. The wipers sweep the glass clean. Check that out, both wipers are still on the van and working! I jump out and run back to the gate, toss in my 35 cents which I was holding the whole time and said " its really icy up there!" to the lady who was unable to reply. I ran back to my van and continued all the way to Dunkirk before checking for damage. I will report I had too buff and wax, but not even a dent. In 1995 I finally laid this van too rest after 440,000miles, although I have transplanted her 400cid/400thd into a needy 1972 Monte Carlo. Greats times
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