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Question Asked: 3rd Bad Alternator? REALLY? Can something else be making my alternator go out??
June 01, 2013, 07:55 AM
Jan 2011- replace alternator. April 2012 Car starts stalling while driving, got codes checked and replaced bad O2 sensors. Car still stalls while driving (battery and brake lights flickering). Had alternator replaced(04/12) car seemed to be okay until August 2012, battery/brake lights flicker car loses power. Replace battery- car starts but it doesn't fix problem. Take car to guy that works on electrical components only- says alternator is fine. Runs car all day (sitting in shop) air conditioning, lights on, etc..says alternator is charging/running correct amps (whatever its supposed to do) I pick up and you guessed it- on way home lights start to flicker again. (I'm out of $$)So... Car sits from August to May 2013. Put charged battery into car, starts like a champ- get car to shop. They call me and it needs a new alternator. Well, seems to me that something is making the alternator keep going bad. I think that they think I am being super paranoid but I think it's more than I just got a "bad" alternator, I know that happens but why would alternator guy say my alternator is ok but after I drive it, then it gives me the loss of power and flickering brake and battery light? I just want my car fixed!!!!! Any help is appreciated!!!
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