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Question Asked: my car dies when i am driving at anytime and then the chk engine light always on
March 17, 2014, 03:10 AM
after it dies i have the trac off light and the slip light come on then if shift to r or d really hard and i have hardly any power to drive this is happening more and more when hooked up to a tester the fault is cam position sensor a bank 2 and idle air control system what does it mean and what do i do i dont have alot of money to fix
Problem Reported: Nissian Crankshaft and Camshaft Sensor Recall
May 27, 2010, 11:09 AM

The engine may stall at times due to a failed crankshaft position sensor and/or camshaft position sensor, These sensors can fail intermittently as they warm with the engine. Sensors on certain models have been recalled by Nissan and will be replaced as necessary. Please visit our recall section for this model to see if your vehicle is covered by this recall.

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