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Car Review: 2004 Honda Accord
January 18, 2010, 07:21 PM
I bought a used 04 Accord four months ago. I had a mechanic run through the car before purchasing the vehilce ( due to the fact that the previous 98 accord I had purchased from dealer needed frame work, etc). He said it was fine an clean no less then a week later did the seat heater for passenger seat stop working due to the fact the electric seat had run the cord over to send power to the switch. Second it started making strange noises while steering due to fact it needed a steering rack. Third my tranny started slipping and next thing u know i almost get into a car accident because transmission fails in the middle of two very busy merging freeways during peak traffic hours. I also found out that it needs a new power steering pump. Honda = Reliable?? I am starting to think not!
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